As recently reported in the media, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is conducting an FDA-funded study to determine if components of PEG 3350, contained in certain over-the-counter medications commonly prescribed by physicians to treat constipation in children, are absorbed into children’s blood. While PEG 3350 is currently thought to be poorly absorbed into the blood, the FDA has received reports from parents who are concerned that it has caused neurobehavioral symptoms in their children.

Hirschsprung Disease Risk Factor Study

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We believe that both genetic and non-genetic factors cause Hirschsprung disease. We hope you will help us to identify the causes of Hirschsprung disease so that we can develop new prevention strategies.
We are currently enrolling children with Hirschsprung disease, their siblings and parents in our study. We need to enroll as many people as possible to have the greatest chance of success.
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